Friday, July 20, 2007

Noah's Birthday Wish

We woke up this morning to rain and grey again, and yes, it is July 20, 2007. Seems like on days like this, it just takes a little more time to get going. Jacob slept in until 8:00 a.m., which never happens. Rebecca left at 8:30 a.m. to bring Jacob, Jonah, and their friends to Bible basketball camp for their last day. Noah and I stayed behind and we were going to meet up with them later for their basketball games. I love having one-on-one time with each of the boys, but Noah is at a great age. You never know what will come up. We were driving down the street and he was talking about how old he was going to be. He was counting on his fingers and talking about how fast the trees were going by. Then he says, "Hey dad, i am going to turn four soon and I think you and mom need to have another baby." I love these types of questions, because I always want to hear more of what they are thinking. Noah thought for awhile and then asked, "Where do babies come from anyway?" After choking on my iced americano, and told him, "When a man loves a woman...." wait, that is the talk we are supposed to have when he is a bit older. I dumbed it down a bit and told him they come out of mommies tummy. He as satisfied with this answer for the time being, but then he had another great idea. He said, "I want a little brother, but I also want a little sister why don't you and mom have two babies and then you can be all done." I said, "what do you think we should name the babies?" He said, " How about Sophia (his cousins name who is a baby), and Alex. I was surprised that he had so much of this process worked out. The only problem with all of these great plans are that Rebecca and I are done. When I told him that mom and dad we done having babies, he looked at me funny and said, "well, that's too bad, I was hoping to be a big brother sometime." Then I was left driving down the road feeling like I was robbing Noah of trying out his skills at being a responsible big brother. Noah went on about his day singing in the car and pondering the question of what type of underwear he wants his mom to buy him next. He moved on quickly while I talked myself out of feeling guilty. Out of the mouths of a three year old. You never think of how powerful your child's words can be.

We went on to Bible basketball camp and watched Jacob and Jonah play their last games and they did great. They all had a fun week and met a lot of new kids in their church. They were all excited for next year because they are going to offer basketball, soccer, and music camp during the same week. After the good-bye barbecue, we loaded all five kids (two friends) in the car and made the drive home. As I looked in the rear view mirror at five children, all talking at once, it was crystal clear that the guilt I had been feeling not two hours earlier, was now gone and gone for good. They were all great, they were all just so loud. I looked over at Rebecca and thought, "One or two more would probably break us, and I don't just mean financially.

We had a great day and the kids thought the week was "awesome". Next week, we head off to San Francisco for our adventure. I got up this morning and saw that San Francisco had a small, 4.1 earthquake. We decided not to tell the kids, for fear the Jonah would protest stepping foot in the state of California. Jacob would start a disaster readiness kit which would include a years supply of bottled water and enough Lego's to keep him busy in a 3 day power outage. Nope, we decided to pray for safety and hope that no one brings it up while we are there. Have a great Friday and enjoy the weekend.



The Cisneros Family said...

Now that I know your blog address, I will lurking at yours :)

sdhastings said...

Oh why not go for another one. After 2 you just have "kids" anyway. That is the cutest story. Thanks for sharing.