Monday, August 17, 2009

Swimin and hangin out!

The pool was one of the main events for the week. there were two pools (North and South) pools that we could go do. the kids were happy if they could just swim all day long.

One day grandma and grandpa sprung for candy and all the grand kids got their sugar high.

There was usually one or two adults hanging out on the edge of the pool watching out for the little ones and eventually, we would get pulled in too.

Dana seemed to be a child magnet in the water. Noah was like a little dolphin in the water with Dana.

Jonah hanging out in the downtown area when we walked around down there one day.

The house slept 22, and so we each had our own master bedroom with bath and flat screen t.v., so we could go and have some hang out time when we felt like it or at night to get the kids calmed down before bed. Our room had a king and a bunk bed which turned out great for us. The kids slept great. they were always so tired at night.

Grandma and Grandpa did banana split night with the kids and it was organized chaos. Sugar, sugar, and more sugar.

The garage had a pool table, ping pong table, flat screen television and housed all the bikes. It was great to have another room in there that the kids could play in.

More pool shots.

Eli with the goggles on.

Jonah shooting out of the tube. They loved the water slide.

Jacob and I had fun in the water together.

One more launch for the day

Sports, sports, and more sports

The rest of the week was filled with tennis, swimming, kickball games, riding bikes, and everything elese in between that we could shove in during a 20 hour day. There was a lot to do and the kids just had a blast. Here is a picture of my parents on the last day.

Dana playing tennis with his dad

Later that night, Dana's was turned into a doll of sorts while Abby did his hair. I don't think he cared much because he was checking his facebook account and didn't even know what was going on.

The other activity that was shoved in between everything else was the hot tub anytime the kids were home and wanted something to do. It was only at night that the adults could go in without getting splashed.

Jonah wanted to learn to play tennis, so Rebecca and him went one day and she worked with him. He did say that it was much harder than playing the Wii. We then took back all the other kids and ran all over the court after balls.

Jacob event took a shot at tennis and had a great time. My parents bought all the grandchildren-boys these shirts and the girls a different one. It helped us keep track of them at large events.

At night, each family was in charge of making one meal and then we would all sit wherever we wanted, inside or out, and eat and hang out with whomever we wanted. It was nice to be able to talk with different people we hadn't gotten a chance to connect with. Scott having a heart to heart with Jonah and Noah.

Noah and Nolan, again, the ones to watch because they are always very stealth-like. They are also running around the house asking everyone where the other is. The house we stayed in came with 8-10 mountain bikes and there were trails everywhere. One day, Mike, Scott, my dad, and I went on a long bike ride to one of the falls, which turned out to be beautiful. We definitely fit in out exercise for the week.

Jonah and Eli, sitting on the log near the house. Sunriver seemed like a very safe place for the kids and there really was a lot of different things to do.

Happy Pre-Birthday Grandma-65!!

Since we were all together, we decided to surprise grandma and have a 65th birthday celebration for her on Wednesday night. All the kids were so excited to keep this secret from her. They were blowing up balloons in other rooms and hiding decorations. After dinner, Noah and Eli asked if she and my dad would take her on a walk so they did. In the meantime, the house came alive with little munchkins decorating for their return.

It was fun to see everyone work together.

This picture got thrown in their because it was funny to see Mike wearing the apron with shorts on.

This was one of the bedrooms that had balloon blowing going on while grandma was in the house.

The kids started putting up all the balloons on the stairs once they left.

Good picture of Mike and Stacy at the party once they came home for their surprise.

Grandma getting attacked with surprises once they walked in from their walk.

She was so excited to see the cake and hear how much the kids had worked on things.

I think the kids may have been more excited than grandma

Scott gibing a bear hug to Jacob in the kitchen. Jacob has a lot of aunts and uncles who love him very much.

We finally got the kids settled down and my dad gave her the present of taking her on a cruise in October and she was very surprised. Great picture.

The kids just huddled around as she opened all her gifts. One gift we all gave was a three picture frame with group pictures from events from the last three days. It was great. She loved it.

It was a great way to celebrate early, with all her kids and grand kids around. Our family is definitely the loud family when it comes to these events. It was fun to watch her open all her gifts.
Happy Birthday Mom!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Random Sunriver pictures

Decided to put up some random pictures of the last couple days. there has been so much activitiy, it is hard to keep track of everyone. Just look at the pictures and enjoy.

Grandma on the computer and she knows what she is doing.

Breakfast in the morning, which is crazy!

Abby getting ready for a bike ride

Dana teaching Jacob how to play pool. A lesson in patience.

Watching mama Mia PG-13, which is a big deal for Jacob.

Grandpa and Nate hanging out together at dinner.

Day at the pool when it was very busy and hot that day.

Jacob and daddy swimming-so busy

Tom standing watch at the pool's edge making sure everyone is safe.

Stacy playing a game with sophia and Noah.

Noah and Eli helping with dinner. oh we needed the help.

Dinner time was crazy, but fun. Each family had a dinner night and they were in charge. We had great meals.

Noah working so well on his swimming.

Hannah and Abby having girl time on the couch. Everyone has had such a great time together this past week.

Robb and Stacy with our kids in the pool.

The boys playing baseball

Playing a game on the front poarch.