Sunday, July 22, 2007

A lazy, rainy, Sunday afternoon

Yesterday we helped Rebecca's parents move boxes and other non-heavy items to their new house. They had a lot of great help, and it seemed to go very well. The moving truck comes tomorrow to move the larger things, and then they will be taking the week to settle in. The great thing is that they are our new neighbors. There house is right behind ours (our backyards meet up) so borrowing sugar will be an easy task. While we were helping to move boxes, my parents came over and took the boys on a hike and to the beach to play, ending with an indoor picnic due to the November-like weather. Since we were all tired, we went to church today, had lunch at the Olive Garden, and the kids have been spent the afternoon working on projects. As you can see, Noah is working hard on his favorite afternoon project, napping. I had hoped to lay down with him as well and get some sleep myself, but the Jacob and Jonah needed my help. Since Rebecca is off at a class today, it was me or no one.
Jonah wanted to build a boat of sorts, so he got some pop cans and some wood. He first went to get five full pop cans, thinking they would help the wood float. After we had a science lesson, we went to the recycling and found some empty ones. Jacob graciously donated the duck tape and Jonah started his work. He finished and tried it out in the sink and it was a success. He can't wait to try this out in the bath tub tonight.
Jacob, on the other hand, wanted to make a book, with a hard cover. He is not sure what the book is going to be at this point, but that is really not the point, as he explained this to me. "I am going to build a book first and then figure out what kind it will be. So, everyone has a project in the house and I guess mine is blogging the days events. It is fun to see them all so busy and using their imagination, instead of parking it in front of the television. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of t.v. and the educational value of a good cartoon, but today just seems to be a project day. I don't think the nap thing is going to happen for me today, but it is sure more restful than working, which is were I will find myself tomorrow. Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

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sdhastings said...

I love the boat! What a smart little guy! I think that motivated me to stared getting creative with the kids.