Friday, January 02, 2009

A Smattering of experiences

A lot of different pictures on the blog this time. Seems like a lot going on when the kids are off on break. Noah playing the Wii. He is the one in the family who understands the Wii inside and out the best. He tells everyone how to play. He even stands off to the side when it isn't his turn doing all of the motions without even knowing it. It is fun to watch him.

Sarah and Josh (Rebecca's sister and brother in law), got their three month old, Thomas, dedicated in front of the church the weekend after Christmas. It was great to see him up there. He is growing like a weed and it is really fun to have a baby around again. And to answer the question for all of you wondering, no, we aren't getting the itch again. It is just nice to have a baby to play with again, and then give back.

At first he didn't seem sure of being given to someone else, so Sarah made a attempt to calm him. He did great.

Rebecca took the boys with friends of theirs to Seattle Center on Tuesday because admission was only 94 cents because of some radio station promotion. The kids all had a great time. I thought this was a great picture of Jacob. He now wants one of these in his room...and he is serious.

Jacob doing a stretching game at Pacific Science Center.

Here is the whole clan of them outside. Six boys at the science center.....kind of a lot of energy don't you think?

Lunch time. We always wonder how Jonah has time to actually eat at school because he is so social. Believe it or not, he does find time to wolf his food down in between socializing.

They have a water area where they can aim water guns. Notice, though, that it is behind move on their part.

Because of Noah's age, he got to go in the 5 and under section where the kids aren't so crazy and he got to play with water. Our kids have always loved this part of the exhibit at this age.

I am sure they are both thinking about how they can get the animal out of the cage. I know Noah and how he thinks.

Not sure what they were doing, but they sure look like they are having fun.

On the ferry ride home looking wiped out. Rebecca said they were great all day long, which is a lot to say for six boys.

On New Year's Day, we ended up taking down the decorations and the kids got roped into helping with the ornaments on the tree. I sat on the floor and collected them, putting them in boxes while the kids ran back and forth taking them off the tree.

Not really sure why Jacob was wearing a head band, but you never really know with him. I look quite comfortable on the floor, don't I?

Great little helpers. Sometimes it is like herding cats-they all have a mind of their own.

My parents came over that night and we taught my dad how to play the Wii. They had a good time. Kids go back to school in three days, the fun will be over and Rebecca will do cart wheels across the lawn while the bus goes by.