Sunday, November 04, 2007

What is this? Another home remodel project?

To those of you who ask if we are crazy or not, the short answer is, absolutely. Since I am into my fifth week off in my seven week "sabbatical", we decided that it would be the perfect time to rip our leaky shower and toilet out and replace them. So, as you can see, we ripped out everything down to the studs and slowly built it back up. My dad and I have done our other bathroom last year, so we have enough skill t be very dangerous. In between mini-trips here and there, we have chipped away at this. Now that going back to work is looming in the distance, we rev ed things up a bit this week. This last weekend, Rebecca and her mom tiled the bathroom because they do it so well together. Sue cuts all the tiles and Rebecca lays them. I got child duty for the day on Saturday, which wasn't a bad coin toss. They did a great job all day long right up until 5 p.m. when Rebecca changed so we could meet some good friends for dinner in Seattle. On Sunday, the grouting took place and tomorrow we will see how it all turns out. It looks great. Now all we need to do is tile the floor and put in a new toilet, and we are good to go. All before we leave on Thursday for Washington D.C. Picture of the shower as we were tearing things out. What a job, but it does feel good to get rid of the old dry wall.

Picture of Sue cutting tile--hard to see. I couldn't use a flash for fear of her seeing me taking the picture and then killing me.
Rebecca today grouting the tile. We will take some pictures when it is done so you can see the finished product.
The best part of all of this is that in the midst of Rebecca tiling, she comes down with hives all over her body and has to go on antihistamine and steroids from the doctor to deal with the extreme itching. No idea where it came from, but the timing is perfect. So this picture is of her grouting in a medicated fog. Rebecca is a woman like no other. Noting slows her down. If we all had the drive that she had, we could conquer the world. We will update as I am allowed to take more pictures.

Our 100th Post...Happy Halloween!!

Sure, a little late, but here you go none the less. Pictures of the ever popular Halloween. The kids had a great time all day long with parties, candy, cupcakes, and the excitement of filling a bag full of candy for mom and dad. Jacob wanted to be Superman and Noah followed along with being spider man. Jonah, on the other hand, wanted to be a skeleton. It fit him perfectly. Rebecca bought the shirt and then painted the bones on his sweats with white paint. It looked great. The scarecrow in the picture just came a long for the ride.
The best part of Jonah's costume was getting his face painted. They couldn't do it for school, so he was excited to have Rebecca do it before we went out that night.

Jacob wanted his hair painted blue, so he thought that was great.

Noah went to school that day and his best friend, Marcus, was dressed up as the evil spider man. Noah didn't know it was him at first in the hallway until someone called his name. Pre-schoolers are so oblivious, it;s great. He had a great time with his friends at school. they all got hot in their costumes within 15 minutes and ended up taking them off for the remainder of the class.
We had our annual chili dinner prior to going trick or treating. The kids always want to race through dinner and want us to get out the door asap. No one got hurt this year running up dark driveways. They had a great time, but boy were they tired.
Happy Halloween 2007