Sunday, June 29, 2008

Two ER visits in one week! That's crazy

This was one of the last pictures in Federal Way before we went home. We were dropping Hannah off on Saturday night and decided to take a picture with Jacob on the jet ski. Great end to a great vacation.

Now you ask why two ER visits in one week. O.K., here we go. Rebecca had a bad reaction to sun screen and broke out in a bad rash-which she didn't allow me to take a picture of nor post anything resembling a rash. It was all over her body and pretty bad. On Thursday morning, her mom took her to the ER in Sandpoint, ID to get medication and treated. They sent 4 different nurses in to look at this anomaly. She did make it home with a bag of medication and was able to enjoy the rest of the trip. On Friday, Mark was getting ready to jump off the boat when we were docking and he slipped and fell on the dock, on his chest. We thought he cracked his sternum but we knew that he hurt his knee. Because he was having a hard time breathing, we called 911. Before the ambulance came, the sheriff boat arrived and beached their boat at Grandview. it was a big tadoo. The funny thing was that the sheriff who walked up graduated from Whitworth college in 1995, a year between Rebecca and I. For those of you who don't know, Mark and Sue went to Whitworth, and Sarah, Rebecca, Hannah, and I all went to Whitworth. It was great to see a familiar face. The ambulance finally came and they checked him out and said we could drive him in so Sue and Hannah drove him into Newport Hospital and got him checked out. He didn't crack his sternum, but did sprain both wrists, and his ankle. He came back that night and was sore, and will be sore. So, that is enough ER visits for one year.

Thank goodness he didn't have to go in the ambulance.

Before the ambulance, both Sue and Mark went on the inter tube with the boys. They had a great time. The inter tube was a great birthday gift. We all used it al ot this year.

For the adults, it was kind of like a nice wine and beer cruise around the lake, but for the kids, they thought they were at least going 60 m.p.h.

We were able to find some espresso drinks at a local resort that we would boat over to all the time.

I took turns with all the boys and let them drive the boat. They thought it was great. It was Noah who we had to watch out for. He didn't want to just steer, he wanted to push the throttle forward and go faster. Jonah was more cautious, but loved it.

So much fun having the boat with us this year again. Thanks mom and dad.

Someone must have been spying on us as we were deciding whether to go on the jet skis or not.

By the end of the trip, Jonah had a great time on the jet ski. It was funny seeing Sarah, who is pregnant and due in September, and Jonah going out for a spin on the jet ski. Jonah had a blast.

Perfect picture of Sue heading out on the jet ski for her daily run. Look at how calm the lake was that night. We took them out after dinner that night.

Sarah, getting ready to go on the jet ski with her belly showing through the life jacket.

Jonah was waiting for his turn on the jet ski.

Mark took the kids down to the water to look at rocks and try and find good ones to skip. It would keep them busy for quite awhile.

Jacob decided that the only way out of the sun that day was to cover himself up and read a book under the beach blanket.

Sarah and Josh taking a break from playing with the kids at Elkins resort.

This seems to be the stance that Jacob has all the time when he is playing in the sand at the beach. He can sit like this for hours.

Hey, Jonah and Noah cooperating? What is that about.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, the beauty

This is the view that we woke up to each morning looking out from our condo. This is what makes Priest lake for me every year. Sitting out on the deck with a cup of coffee and looking out at the water. Behind the scenes, the kids are jumping up and down inside asking to please come out as i request 5 more minutes. When I look at this picture I see a couple things; nature, running the jet ski across the smooth water, and a great morning for water skiing.

One night, Sarah, Josh, Hannah, Rebecca, and I took the boat over to a place called Hills Resort and had dinner while Rebecca's parents took care of the kids that night. We had a great time that night having drinks and great food. It was about a 15 minute boat ride and the weather was great that night. This was a picture of Rebecca and her sisters at Hills.

Here is a picture of all 5 of us before we left our condo to have dinner at Hills Resort.

One of the diversionary tactics we used one day was to make bubbles and let the kids go to down. The winds were blowing pretty hard that day so the bubbles were flying everywhere. We had a great time especially since i made the bubbles way to soapy. I had no idea what I was doing, but sometimes that produces the best results.

We would go on a little hike near where we stayed some mornings. This is a picture back from the trail towards Grandview Resort. It kind of gives you an idea of how remote this place is, but we love it. We always have fun hiking with the kids.

Here is Rebecca and Noah bringing up the rear, while I led the pack in case we encountered any snakes, says Jacob. Thankfully, we never saw any. Jacob was on the lookout though.

We came to a spot where the kids could climb some rocks. This is where having kids is great. They can climb for hours if we let them. Each time, they would go up a little bit higher. You would have thought they climbed Mount Everest.

We tried to set the camera up and get one picture of the family.

A great picture of Rebecca's parents on the Jet skis. We all had so much fun on these, but I think Mark and Sue enjoyed them even more. The need for speed.

This was one of the spots we stopped on the hike while we watched Mark and Sue go by on their jet skis. It was a great day of hiking, swimming, and water skiing. Hard to let each day go by and know that it is one step closer to leaving. I think two weeks may be better next year.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More fun in the sun at Priest Lake

We headed over to Indian Creek beach today and Jonah met some other kids who were jumping off the dock. He had to go over and try this. They had a great time. Each time they went out farther and farther testing their fear. Once Jonah hit the water, he would swim in that much faster. It doesn't help that the water is cold.

Big man tough guy swimming in as fast as he can. He is a dare devil about certain things, but not the things you would think. He is more cautious about going on the jet ski and inter tube, but jumps right off the dock without thinking.

Great picture of the two of them on the beach. I think Noah is mad because he is tired of getting his picture taken. Jonah is always willing to jump in front of the camera.

The adults do what we do best, sit in the sun and take in the scenery. They were keeping watch over the kids. So where do you think all of the men were during this picture? It would be safe to say checking out the speed of the boat and jet skis.

Jonah and Jacob exploring the depths of the lake with their new gear. Color coded so we could see them down the beach at any time.

We decided that we don't have to buy Noah a present anymore. All we have to do is make sure that Uncle Josh is on every vacation with us from now on. Noah climbs on him like he is a jungle gym. Noah is like a little flea that doesn't quite ever leave. They have a great time together. They are really the same age in some respects. You can figure out if that age is 4 1/2 or older than that.

I had recently mentioned that Noah and Josh had tipped over on the jet ski on our way to Indian Creek beach. We didn't get the tip over on camera, but someone took a picture of them coming back to the dock. They were both standing because Josh couldn't sit down after getting them back on because Noah was now in front. Josh put Noah back on the jet ski while they were in the water and then Josh climbed back on and had to try and get them back to the dock. Noah was scared, but not crying. He did want to ride in the boat after that.

This was all of us trying to pull Noah off the jet ski once they got back to the dock. I know it scared both of them because the wave came out of nowhere. The water was rough that day also. When asked if Noah will go on the Jet ski again, he responded, "Sure, not right now though." That same day, the inter tube took on water and Noah fell off. Josh, again, pulled him out of the water back onto the inter tube. That was the last straw, he wanted back in the boat and he was done for the day. A man can only take so much.

It was fitting to roast marshmallows at the end of that day. This year, we must have brought 10 bags of marshmallows between all of us for some reason. We had chocolate, strawberry, roasted coconut and regular. Because we had so many different kinds, we all had to taste test them. Rebecca also made rice krispy treats with each kind also.

Jacob always gets into s'mores. This is a slice of heaven as far as he is concerned. Even getting them on his glasses. All of the kids had to have a shower that night just to get the sticky off. At bedtime, we found that Noah had marshmallow on his back still. I have no idea how that got there.

Jacob tried to give Marna a kiss with a full mouth of s'more. By the look on her face, you can tell it was met with excitement. Again, I am sure that Marna is going to kill me for putting up this picture, but it really gives the perfect response.

The best part of the day is at the end when you are tired from the sun and playing so hard. To sit down with a cup of coffee and roast up some marshmallows. It really can't get better than this. Family, food, and fun.

Jacob working hard at getting every last drop into his mouth. Mmmmmm Mmmmm, good.

Noah, although a bit cleaner, loves this part of the day. I don't want to count how many of them they had that night, but they are still alive today, wanting more. More pictures to come as the days progress. Off to the next boating event.
The LeRoys

Finally, some pictures to show

I was finally able to download some pictures today. What a jammed packed couple days here. We have had a great time with the boat and the jet skis. All of the kids have become very comfortable around the boat. They are excited each year when we come because they remember so much more each time.

We all got in on the action yesterday while using the inter tube. It was rough waters at times, but it sure was fun. Some would say it was more like a leisure cruise while the kids thought they were going so fast. I always call Rebecca's glasses the "Jackie O " look because she always looks so graceful, even being pulled by a boat.

On the other hand, I usually lose my sun glasses on the car ride over and consequently end up squinting the entire week or borrowing from everyone else. Noah is a little dare devil who always give the thumbs up sign wanting to go faster while Jonah gives the thumbs down. We always have a great time out on the water. Between the sun and the wind, we are pretty exhausted by the end of the day.

Against our better judgement, we let Hannah drive the boat yesterday. You can tell by the look on her face, we were right to be concerned. Some people don't know how to harness the speed of the boat. She had a great time driving. For those of you asking, we did make it back to the dock without incidence. It was close a couple of times but we told the kids to hold on and stay low in the boat.

Josh received a wake board for father's day and so he was finally able to test it out. I have to say for the record that he did get up the first time without a problem. More importantly though, he got up each time after that. We both agreed that anyone can get up once, but can they keep doing it, even when your arms feel like falling off.

I know that Marna would love that I took this picture, but really, you have to get a shot when your mother-in-law hops on the jet ski and takes off. She is a force to be reckoned with on the water. Mark and her went out on a morning run and Mark ended up falling off his jet ski as he was taken aback by the pure beauty of his wife tearing off into the distance. He climbed back on and was on his way in no time, with Sue having no idea he had fallen in the drink. It's all about style, and Mark has it.

As we all know, Rebecca can do everything, now including jet skiing. She had a great time out on the water. She followed us around in the boat while we towed the kids. She looked like she was on patrol with her side-kick, Jacob. We both took them out later that day and it is fun to race your wife. I won't tell you who won, but just know that I am still the man of the house.

We try to take walks at the beginning or end of the day to give the kids time to throw rocks in the water and goof around. This was Jonah's attempt at taking a picture with our camera. He is a little shutterbug.

My little Noah brings me a lot of joy each day. He is very sweet and giggles all the time. We have a fun time together. Vacations are the best because we all have a lot more time to fool around. This picture shows Noah is the middle of a full on giggle.

Beware to all who approach as I was giving lessons on how to skip a rock. I did take a picture of Rebecca attempting to do this, but I know she wouldn't have appreciated this--for those of you who would like to see it, I will email it to you. Rocks were flying everywhere. I am surprised that we didn't have an ER visit.

The kids wait in the boat every morning as I get things ready for the day. They love jumping around and constantly ask me when I will be ready. I rememer being so impatient when waiting for something so fun. There is no end of fun here. We have a couple more days and we are going to try and squeeze as much out of this time as we can. Happy summer