Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jonah's Upwards Basketball Team

Jonah decided he wanted to do Basketball this year and he has had a great time. I have been helping out with the coaching which has also been a blast. It is great to see all these boys improve like they have.

They have really worked as a team and get so excited when they score a basket.

Today, Jonah had a crowd of 13 family and friends watching him. It was most of the stands. he loves being in the lime light.

At half time, the ref does a brief bible study with all the teams and then they get back out on the court and play. It is a great program. We pray before each game and the whole focus is making sure each child learns about basketball and has success on the court.

Jonah is the tallest on his team, so he sure gets a lot of rebounds. He gets so excited before each game. It has been a great experience for him and I am glad I can help coach and have that time with him and his peers.