Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy 14th Anniversary Honey--bring out the pictures!

There were many of you who knew Rebecca while we dated at Whitworth College, got engaged in San Francisco, and were even at our wedding in 1995. Most of you though, have only seen pictures of us and our three children running around and experiencing life. You see the married Robb and Rebecca, but may have forgotten what the "swinging single Reba" looked like or the incredibly handsome Roberto looked like in the 1990's prior to gray hairs. Before Rebecca was a mom and a business woman, and I, a oh so successful social worker, we were just two kids in love who had no idea where life was taking us. I kind of envy that time in our lives. So, here is to the 14 wonderful years of marriage. On July 29, 1995, was a day that the wind blewlike crazy in Yakima, WA, and the day we walked down the isle. Oh, how Rebecca loves the wind. Rebecca would have rather had rain than wind, but since we don't get to pick our perfect day, much like life, we rolled with it.

To really make any sense, you first have to see some of the pictures of when we were dating. Rebecca was very young and I, a much older man. When we got married, I was 23 and she was 20, yes, 20.

These were pictures taken in Yakima at her parents home prior to us going back to school in the fall. At that time, we were just dating and having a good time.

This was a picture of Valentine's Day when I'm sure I took her out to the most expensive dinner that a college senior could afford. During the summer of 1994, we started talking about our future. I had graduated from college and Rebecca still had two years to go, so it seemed like the right time to start talking about these things. I decided that if I was going to ask her to marry me, I wasn't going to go the traditional route. The planning began. I had met a friend at work who lived down in San Francisco that Rebecca didn't know. We worked it out that I would fly Rebecca to San Francisco for the day and my friend would have everything prepared for the day. I picked Rebecca up early in the morning and she thought we were going to a concert for the day. We went to the airport, got on the plane and once she heard we were going to San Francisco, i thought for sure she would know something was up. To my thankfulness, she had know idea. Most of you who know Rebecca also realize that she picks up on everything so this was a big gimme.

When we got off the plane, I saw my friend outside of the rental car place. She had left a basket of muffins etc with the parking attendant and when we drove through, the parking attendant handed it to us. Rebecca thought that was weird, but she didn't ask questions. My friend pulled in front of us and I followed her all around the city until we went to a town right across the water facing San Francisco. Rebecca thought it was strange that I knew where I was going, but again, she didn't suspect. Here is the picture of us on the grass having a picnic breakfast. I also gave her a book I had put together of letters she had written me etc and I gave it to her there. I told her it was for her birthday. Then I told her that we were going to spend the day having fun in the city and it was for her birthday. My friend followed us around taking pictures of us everywhere and Rebecca didn't even know. We did all of the traditional things and then we went to walk part way across the bridge.

Here is a picture of us starting to walk across the bridge. I thought I was going to throw up. I held her hand with my right hand and clutched the ring in my left hand. I was terrified I was going to drop the ring off the bridge.

Here is a picture of us getting closer to the center of the bridge and the amount of people who were around us.

After looking over the bridge for a minute and releasing my insides over the edge, I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She said yes, all the while, pictures were being taken. It was then, that she noticed some woman taking pictures of us, but she thought it was a tourist. We came back to the car, and my friend had decorated our car for us and then Rebecca got to meet our stocker from that day.

We had a great day and what incredible memories.

Afterwards, we only had about an hour to spend with my friend until we had to get going back to the airport. Of course, no cell phones at that time, so we couldn't call our family. Hey it was the mid 90's and cell phones weighed a ton. It would have been like carrying a brief case.

From there we planned the wedding over the next months which felt like years. Here are some fun pictures from the wedding. The limo took us to the reception, and yes, it was windy.

Maybe a little look of terror on my part, but oh how young.

Rebecca, I love you so much and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. You are my best friend and the memories we have already shared are life fulfilling. Life has so many bumps, potholes, and craters, but we can always make it through if we just hang on to each other. You are as beautiful today as you were they day I asked you to marry me, the day we got married, and the day you have given birth to each one of our 3 children. God has truly blessed me. I love you. Happy 14th Anniversary honey.
Love, Robb

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Camping in the Hood Canal

Since Rebecca was at her Sensaria convention this past weekend, My sister and her kids, my parents, and myself and the kids all went up to the Hood Canal to camp for the weekend. Great weekend to camp considering he weather. We had a great time. There was swimming, fishing, walks, riding bikes and playing games, camp fires, waking up early and good food.

Right across from our camp site was a creek and the kids found it within seconds of our arrival. They loved playing in that even though it was a little cold. Noah and Nolan try to find a sun beam to warm themselves from the cold water.

They were up in trees and all over the place. We got some good pictures.

The kids and I slept in our tent and my parents slept in Stacy's tent trailer. It worked out well. The first morning my kids were up at 5:45, so we went fishing and I sat on the dock with my coffee. The second morning they slept until 7:15, which was so much better.

We moved right in and made ourselves at home with the white trash clothes line.

Grandpa got Jacob an article on the cold play concert and he was reading it to him. Anything cold play right now he loves. I had to pry the shirt off of him so we could wash it.

This is when we were getting ready to go fishing with all of the kids and it was an accident waiting to happen with all the kids and their fishing poles. We had some near misses.

It was like herding cats trying to get everyone and their gear down to the dock in the morning. At that time, the only casualty was Jacob hooking Papa's shirt while he tried to cast.

Jonah trying to get some quiet time while fishing.

Our park ranger played the violin and she walked around to each camp playing for you if you wanted. She played a couple songs for us and the kids just thought that was the greatest.

Everyone was still for about 5 minutes while she played and then they were all up again working on their smores.

I took the kids out fishing early in the morning and was hooked by Jacob's hook while we walked back. Nearly a flesh wound. Little disinfectant and we were ready to go.

Mom and dad cooking breakfast in the morning as the kids ran around the camp ground in a pack.

Oh, did I mention that we had two dogs there as well with us. My parents brought Andy and Stacy had their puppy Chleo.

My dad did an in prompt to art project where he ground up charcoal from the fire, added water, and the kids found sticks and wrote and drew "like in the olden days". Hey, it took up about 30 minutes where the kids were busy.

then there was the constant swimming. Oh they had so much fun.

Jacob wanted to be buried in the rocks. He loved the warm feel of all the rocks. It is a lot harder to bury someone in rocks than in sand.

Noah got in on the action as well.

Jacob, Jonah, and Isabelle, wanted to jump off the dock. They did that and then they wanted to jump off of the high part of the dock.

They had to swim back to shore each time. They had a blast.

Here they go off the high part.

Nolan and Noah ended up doing it too, which we were all surprised at.

There goes Aunt Stacy. Nolan wouldn't go in unless Stacy went in first so she had to make the plunge.

There goes Nolan.

There is Noah hanging on for dear life before he dropped.

Jacob and Papa shucking corn for dinner. Learning something new every minutes of the day.

Stacy's puppy who came along-very cute.

The kids getting settled in the tent at night.

The wilderness is your toilet Noah

Breakfast the last morning.

Then the kids starting catching little fish throughout the morning and they all wanted to bring them home.

Grandma and Jonah on their way to fish.

Packing up the tent trailer. We had a great time and all of the kids got along so well. We hope to do this again soon.