Saturday, July 28, 2007

July 28, 2007, Dunsmuir, CA to San Francisco!!!

We woke up in our train this morning and the kids immediately started hanging from the hand rails on the ceiling of the train. It was fun to sleep there, and it was surprisingly comfortable. Everyone had a bed and we all slept well. We headed off to San Francisco, which the kids have been most excited about. After traffic jams coming in the city, we made it to Muir Woods. It is a mini Redwood forest with old growth trees topping 250 feet (Jacob wanted me to mention this). It was busy there today, so we had to drive around for a half an hour to find parking. We had a good time walking around and looking at all the enormous trees. It took every ounce of strength for the kids to keep their bodies out of the stream, but they did a good job. The weather was a comfortable 80 degrees, so walking around in the shade of the trees was nice. We headed from there to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge.

The boys had actually wanted to have the picture done sitting on top of the log, but it wasn't allowed.

It took us about an hour and a half to drive from Muir Woods to San Mateo, which is 20 miles south of San Francisco. In all, it was about 32 miles, but there was a lot of traffic on the bridge. The kids loved it and they were great sports. That is a long time to be in the car. They just wanted to see the exact spot that dad asked mom to marry him. I pointed it out and they kept saying, "where dad?" We drove through the city and pointed out some of the building and different sites that we have told them about for so long. They thought it should be fun tomorrow to ride the train back into the city from San Mateo. Tomorrow we are going to hit Fisherman's Wharf, Ghirardelli Square, and try to ride the Trolley Car. If we can, we want to go to China town to just walk through to show them the differences. That seems to be a big focus of the trip so far. What is similar and what is different between Bremerton/Seattle and San Francisco area. They love pointing everything out. We finally got to our hotel tonight, grabbed Chinese food (Jacob's request) and the kids were off to bed. We have a big day tomorrow, we Reba and I need to get rested up. Until tomorrow.

**This is a picture of Noah in the car after hours of boredom. He finally had to cover his ears and scream in the car. He seems to be the little comedian on the trip so far.
Great quote of the day:
Jacob said, "Pappa Doug told me that it was true and I believe Pappa Doug"
Jonah quickly responded, "This is the same guy that told you it was alright for you to put gum behind your ear, and it ended up sticking in your hair." Jacob said, "Yeah, you may be right, but I believe him this time."
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