Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Journey Begins...

Can you feel the craziness? I mean, come on! Three boys, two insane parents, and one mini van on the way to California. Robb said tonight, "Who drives to California anymore???" So, we set out for Portland after lunch in Tacoma. Marna and Papa graciously braved the back seat to escort us to Tacoma to pick up Robb's car and drive it home. We know driving the Jeep with the top down on an 80 degree day was hard, so we really appreciate it.
So we drove south and Jacob asked over and over when we were going to cross the border into Oregon. So, we took a picture.
The kids were excited to see Tim, and we had been talking about it for awhile, when Noah said, "Who is Tim?" When we arrived to Tim's the kids took a short basketball break in Tim's backyard of his house, which they quickly declared was 'fancy.' Then, we headed off to Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. Jonah wanted to know why they let people eat in the Factory?
After dinner, the kids played at a park near Tim's. They made quick friends with the girls who were playing there and spun to the brink of vomit on the tire swing with one of them.
The kids couldn't stand the thought of going to bed dirty from their play at the park. They begged and begged us to allow them their monthly allowance of one bath. I'm sure it had nothing to do with Uncle Tim's enormous bathtub with jets?
Tim had a great time with the kids, and wanted to spend every last minute with them. I'm sure that's why he fell into a depression after they went to bed, so this is him trying to recover from the loss of time with them.
Tomorrow we are off to Dunsmuir, California where we will stay at the Railroad Park Resort. The hotel rooms are each a converted train car. Ours has a bunk bed, a queen size bed, and another twin. All the kids know is that there is a pool there. We haven't told them anything else yet. Jonah is super-focussed on the candy he saw (that was supposed to be a surprise). Jacob is having fun with his Gameboy, and Noah keeps asking, "What can I do?" He is listening to his little MP3 player, which he loves. Hopefully all this and the trusty DVD player will keep them entertained tomorrow on a longer driving day. They are really excited just to get to California. We plan to leave around 8 tomorrow morning so we can make use of the pool in the 94 degree heat in Dunsmuir. Wish us luck!

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