Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My boot if off--Just in time for vacation

So I had to wear the boot for about a month and went to get x-rays the day before we left on our trip to Priest Lake. The hairline fracture has healed nicely, so my doctor said I can start transitioning out of the boot. The first day we headed to a water park in Moses Lake and I did wear it around on the cement but did take it off to do the lazy river with Noah. Doctor was specific and said no water slides. Now that I am at Priest Lake, I am just trying to wear my normal shoe and it feels great. My doctor, knowing me well, said, "No water skiing, knee boarding, or riding he jet ski over enormous waves. I have to ride the jet ski like a 90 year old woman, sitting on my butt and taking in the sights. It's better than nothing. Anyway, happy not to be in the boot anymore. Vacation will be sweeter. Pictures to come later.