Sunday, November 09, 2008

Babysitting Baby Thomas

Sarah and Josh called the other day and asked if we would like to babysit Thomas while they went to a movie on Saturday night. Sarah said it has been six weeks and she was ready to venture out without him. Of course we said , "Of course not." We were happy to do it. The boys were so excited to help out. Noah and Jonah went and got toys together for him to play with. We didn't really have the heart to tell them that he wouldn't play with much of anything. They all got to hold him and help feed him.

All of the natural instincts never leave when a baby is around.

There were many hands to help out with all of his care.

The kisses were flying around also. Jacob got to help change his diaper and make his formula.

Noah loves being around babies and he does a great job holding him, making sure to keep his head up.

Jonah is a good cousin who tries really hard to take care and protect him.

All of the boys cousins on the Snelling side of the family.

All of the men gravitate towards the couch.

Grandma or "Marna" as she has been names by our children, also got some snuggle time with Thomas.

Changing the diaper is not just fun and games when it is filled. Jacob thought it was hilarious. We had a great time with Thomas. The kids had a good time holding him and watching him. Until next time.

A Fall work day

Noah took this picture of me--great job. It is nerve racking to give your camera to a 5 year old, but they have to learn some how. I had the strap around his neck and both hands on the camera. You can tell by the forced smile how nervous I was.

All of the kids wanted to help with raking leaves the other day so they all pitched in. Noah is a very hard worker. He probably is the one who will stick with a job the longest out of all three of the boys.

Once Jonah came onto the scene, all of the dynamics changed. The competition began for who could rake the most leaves--I liked that!

Jonah, although helpful, did a great job pulling more leaves down from the tree. Even though the yard looks about the same, they were proud of themselves. Hey, life is messy.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Halloween pictures in no particular order

Start with the end of the night when the kids got home and looked at all of their candy. I have great memories of doing the exact same thing. My dad used to take a "tax", a certain amount of candy, for taking us out that night. Now, Rebecca and I sneak some when the kids are in bed. They will never miss it.

Jonah was a mummy for Halloween which took a long time to put together. There are more pictures farther down of how Rebecca had to put this together.

Before we went trick or treating, we went to visit the my grandmother or the kids' great grandmother, known as "GG". She is 94 years old and she lives in an assisted living facility. She loved seeing the kids and handing out the candy.

Jacob was Harry Potter, Jonah was a mummy, and Noah was superman on Halloween and a mummy at school the day before during their party. The costumes were fun to put together but took a lot of patients on the part of Rebecca and the kids.

Here is Jonah on Friday morning and they are rushing to get it done with the hot glue fun before school started. Jonah was a little nervous at first with the hot glue gun, but the only one who got burned was Rebecca.

I had to take Jacob to school and come back for Jonah because his costume wasn't done. He was about 20 minutes late for school which never happens. He didn't like that at all. He was a mummy of nerves until he got to school.

Here is the finished product. Not too bad. At the end of the day he said he had to roll in the dirt to make the bandages look older like a mummy. He just wanted to roll in the dirt.

Rebecca did Noah's the day before when he was celebrating Halloween for his class.

The week of Halloween, Jacob had a Halloween Choir concert on top of everything else. They all dressed up in their costumes and did a musical kind of thing. They had a good time and it was fun to watch.

Jacob as Harry Potter. We forgot to put the scar on Jacob's head so one of the staff put it on for Jacob once he got to school. We couldn't forget the scar. They all had a great day.

Noah's playing soccer

Noah's cousin, Nolan has been playing in door soccer for awhile and he brought Noah with him one Friday as a guest. After that, Noah was hounding us to bring him back. He has so much fun with Nolan and he also found that his friend, Sam is also in the same class. So, we signed him up for the last 5 sessions and he is having a blast. I have never seen him run so much and he is really good. Most of all, he has a great time with his cousin and friend.

Here is Nolan, Sam, and Nolan after playing for an hour. They are so tired afterwards and it is great now that it is winter for them to have a place to run.

Here are all of the little munchkins on the field with their coaches. The coaches are great with the kids. Noah can't wait until Fridays. To having fun in the winter!