Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Free Entertainment

One of the gift cards Robb left us was to McDonald's with instructions to go out to breakfast one day this week. So, we headed there this morning, but not without driving through Starbuck's on the way. Like I'm going to eat pancakes, eggs, and sausage from McD's. Ha.
I thought these pictures were adorable, and I couldn't resist posting them both because of Jacob's smile in the second one. Notice the Starbuck's in the foreground...

Noah was rockin' out to the oldies they had pumped in. Because everyone knows that the demographic for McDonald's playland breakfast crowd is Seniors.

And, this is what I did while they ate and played. It was a great arrangement.

Then, because it was SNOWING (yes, I said SNOWING, and it's no April Fools joke. Actual snow for hours and hours this morning. The only consolation was that it did not stick. But, from the time we left the house until the time we were running around town 2 hours later, the temp had dropped 5 degrees. Hope you'r enjoying the heat, Robb!), we went in search of free entertainment. Many of the activities that used to be stressful with wandering hyperactive toddlers are now much more enjoyable. So, we resurrected this one from pre-school days. We went to Pet Smart. Just to look at all the animals. It is by the grace of God we left without a hamster. They really are very cute in a soft, furry, and strangely evil way. We had a GREAT time, the kids loved looking at all the animals. The fish were some of their favorites. But, there were also puppies, chinchillas, macaws ($650!), rats, cats, etc.

I love the look on Jacob's face in this one. He had just found out that snails move into each other's shells once they leave them behind.

They have really wanted to be involved in taking the pictures for the blog, too. There's been lots of editing and deleting. This is one that Noah took. Not bad!
Next, because I am a mean mom, I made the kids wait until after we got home from lunch to open the envelope for today. And, also because I knew what was in it.
Robb had left the kids a scavenger hunt for candy and a movie rental. They had 5 different clues to read to find the candy. They actually worked together well, and were overjoyed when they found it. They didn't know what they were looking for, so upon discovery, there was both elation and mayhem. I guess that's how it is all the time around here.

Clue #1

They took turns reading the clues.



Tonight, we made Boboli pizza and rented the movie Bolt. It was cute and I hadn't seen it. There was dissention in the ranks, but all was well in the end.
Until tomorrow, that's all she wrote.


Anonymous said...

I had so much fun setting up the scavenger hunt the week before I left. Going around and taping clues under chairs and other areas. All of the people who are with me love looking at the blog and seeing the kids run around. Thanks for updating honey. Another day of work. SORE is the word of the day. Love you honey. Roberto

Michelle said...

You guy's are really great parents! I should take lessons from! I hear you on the Starbucks..and I am jealous because I haven't had coffee in over two months!