Thursday, April 02, 2009

More rain, but no snow

Mercifully, my parents took the kids out to breakfast this morning, giving me a few much needed hours by myself. It was heaven. Just me, my coffee, and the Today Show.
And, not only did they take them out to breakfast, but they called to see if it was okay to go bowling, too. The kids loved it, were really well-behaved, and had a great time.

Our envelope today had a gift card to Blockbuster to rent a Wii game. We got to rent Lego Inny and the Jones (that's what Noah calls it). They were so excited, and they've had a great time playing it. So, while the picture below may look the same as others of the kids playing the Wii, it is more momentus for them.

We picked up Thomas and had him at home for the afternoon, then we met Sarah and Josh at the ice arena for Josh's hockey game.

Noah had been just a little sluggish this afternoon, and kind of sniffly, so when I brushed his hair out of his face, I thought he felt a little too warm. I was a little surprised, though, to find that he had a temperature of 102.1 Unfortunately, because of the hockey game, he didn't get to bed until 9. So, hopefully he'll sleep in tomorrow. You can see the rings around his eyes.

He wanted to be cozy, so he asked for an extra blanket, then wanted to make sure it was in the picture. Now you can see Noah snuggling in right as he went to bed, Robb.

Mas manana.


Hannah Snelling said...

I wish you would blog every day even when Robb comes home. I love reading about the life and times of my sis and her LeRoy Boys.

Stacy said...

I agree 100% Hannah!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Noah buddy: I hope you feel better. I have been praying that your fever goes away and you can enjoy the rest of your spring break. Looks like you had a great time playing the wii and going to Joshs hockey game. I love and miss you guys. Dad