Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day of swimming

We were supposed to go to lake Chelan this weekend with my parents, but it didn't work out with scheduling. In the end, it really did work out. Yesterday, Rebecca and I spend the day cleaning out the kids' rooms and moved beds around. Not very fun job, but had to be done now that we found out the Noah is allergic to dust mites. We put Noah on the top bunk and Jonah on the bottom. We put the new mattress on and are hoping that it helps.
Saturday, we went to the swimming pool with my parents and then out to dinner. They kids love this place.

Jonah loves the rope swing and was pretty good at it.

Jacob taking a break and having a snack before he jumped back in the water.

Jacob and grandma hanging out.

Noah with grandpa

We swam for about two hours. They have a water slide and a lazy river which Noah loved. He was so tired by the end of the swimming time. We went off to Mexican food and then the kids hit the pillow. Rebecca's cousin, Amanda came and hung out with us at dinner and later that night. We had a great time having her with us, and so did the kids.

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Kendra Field-Bennett said...

We would LOVE to join you guys if you want to have company swimming sometime. Our boys LOVE the pool, too!