Saturday, June 30, 2007

Last full day at the Lake, 2007

Jacob and Astrid enjoying time on the bow of the boat. It was pretty bumpy today, but they held strong and had a great time getting bumped around.
We boated over to Indian Creek campground today because they have a great beach. The campground got hit very hard by the storm last night. They had over 40 trees that fell down on some trailers and tents. Some people went to the hospital, but no one was seriously hurt. We were very lucky to have been in the condo. There were enormous trees splintered in two like this one near a play area. Locals say this was one of the worst summer storms in years with all of the trees down and how fast it came upon everyone.

Jacob and Astrid having some talk time with their stuffed animals. They sat out on the grass for an hour just talking and having some good cousin time. By the way, all the other cousins were already down at the beach, so they weren't interrupted.

All I can say is that a picture is worth a thousands words. A normal picture of a three year old sitting in a box eating an oreo that he may have taken without asking. I thought this was great. We drove to Spokane tonight, and are leaving in the morning to come back home. The kids are exhausted and so am I. Good night everyone.

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