Sunday, June 24, 2007

First Day of Vacation-eventful!

Sometimes getting out of the house for the start of a vacation can be an easy task. Not for us. We had planned on leaving the house around 9:30, picking Jacob up from school, and driving to Moses Lake to end the day at a water park. Sounds easy enough, huh? Well, Jacob got off to school which left us time to pack the car. Things were going well. We thought we would even leave early to go by the bank etc prior to picking Jacob up. We went out to the car, got in, and when we tried to start the car, it wouldn't turn over. We both looked at each other, shoulders sunk low, exhausted already. Long story short, I ran off to get a new battery after 20 minutes of trying to jump start the car. Rebecca decided to make cookies and boil a couple eggs so that we could bring them with us. I got back, put the battery in, and we were ready to go. Rebecca thought she had turned off the stove, as we had one more errand to run before picking up Jacob from school 2 hours later than we had thought. When we got in the car the second time and we tried to turn on the radio, it wouldn't work because we had unhooked the battery. This may not be a crisis, but in order for the kids to watch a DVD later in the car, the radio has to work. We had to have a code, which we didn't know.
We ran one more errand and when we came home, Rebecca's Grandma was in our driveway looking at our newly painted house. Rebecca was talking to her while I ran up into the house to look the code for the stereo in the "file". When I opened up the door, smoke pured out. I thought, "the eggs on the stove". I ran in and grabbed the burning eggs off the stove and opened up all the windows. One egg had exploded, the rest were burned beyond all recognition. Thank God that the house didn't burn down. Rebecca was down at the bottom of the driveway talking to GG (great grandma) and she saw smoke pouring out of the front door and knew she had left the stove on. She walked in and said, "Do you think we just aren't supposed to leave today?" We cleaned up the egg and opened up all the windows, and now we really had to leave in order to pick up Jacob from school on time.
We did pick up Jacob, and made our way to Moses Lake and we had a great time at the water-park. It was 85 degrees and the kids just ran from one slide and diving board to another soaking up summer. We let the kids pick where we went for dinner so we all dined at the China Buffett. Not my first choice, but it at least wasn't McDonald's either. The kids said it was the best restaurant they had ever been to. They had a great time. We all were asleep in the hotel by 9:30 we were so tired. But we had a great first day of vacation, once we got started. Tomorrow we are off to Spokane to see my brother's family and shop for Priest Lake. The kids can't wait to see their cousins. I think we may all go to the movie, Evan Almighty. Until tomorrow.

Robb ( I will try and post pictures later)

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