Friday, June 29, 2007

More fun in the sun and family pictures!

We had one of Andrea's goof friend's, who is a photographer, come and take on the task of family pictures for he whole group of 22. It really worked out well considering that it was at the end of the day, before dinner. They all turned out great. These are our version with our own camera. Afterwards we had a big barbecue and before you knew it, the boat was going out on runs again at 8:00 at night. The kids have been running themselves into the ground. They have had so much fun this week. We hardly see Jonah and Jacob as they are running with the older kids, on the water trampoline, or in and out of the boat. Noah fits right in and in fact is the least fearful of the boat and water sports. He has been jumping at the chance to being pulled by the boat and wants it full throttle. Dana and Hannah have been going with him and been getting a kick out of his excitement.
We ended up bribing all of the kids with peanut m and m's to get them through all of the pictures, but they did great. It is a montley crew. Jonah has been involved in every kind of game this week from football to baseball. He has been very serious about the "playoff" games wanting to sell tickets to his cousins on the sidelines to come and cheer for his team. Jonah has run himself into the ground most evenings where he goes from outside to bed and is asleep within minutes. It has been fun for Reba and I this year because the kids are so much more self-sufficient and are off doing their own thing. All the adults camp out around the compound from the lake to the pool and the kids run in between. The jacuzzi has been a big pull for all the kids this year once they get out of the lake. We had to shut it down though due to the amount of sand and dirt deposited.

Today, Scott/Lara and their family left this morning to get back to Charleston. We will miss them and had a great time with all of them. Tonight, Reba goes to Spokane and fies out for Seattle tomorrow morning for her Sensaria convention. The kids and I stay until Sunday when we make the long drive back in one day. We have two more days of fun. Until the next group of pictures.

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What great fun!