Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Trip Begins...Stop #1 Moses Lake, WA

We headed out of Bremerton by 9 on Friday morning so we could make it to Moses Lake by 1ish. Many more bathroom stops than one might think necessary later, we arrived just in time to take advantage of sunny weather for the rest of the day. The Lazy River was a favorite of all. Our nephew, Thomas loved the little graded pool that's like a beach.

Here's Jacob coming out of the water slide. It literally shoots you out like a shotgun. Though it took him awhile to muster up the courage to go and the stamina to pass the swimming test (down and back crawlstroke without touching the bottom), he loved it once he got there.

Papa and Thomas enjoying the sun.

There was a wavepool divided in side was for body and knee boarding, the other side was for surfing. Jonah and Jacob enjoyed the body boarding, and Josh tried his hand at the surfing side more than once. It's much harder than it looks. Grown men made complete fools of themselves repetitively, attempting to master it, while local kids made it look easy.

All of us in the Lazy River

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