Friday, June 26, 2009

More fun in the sun!

This seems to be the picture that I have in my mind all year long as I wait to come back. This picture means tranquility, relaxation, and a true vacation. I love this place.

Jonah got a lot more mojo this time around and he let Aunt Sarah drive more crazy-like. They had a great time. Some of the close-ups of Jonah are hilarious because of his face.

Sarah was going to try and stay off the jet ski this year since she is prego, but she just couldn't help herself once the new jet ski was brought out. She had to take it for a spin. It didn't deter her even though her mother was yelling from the balcony and pointing her finger at her only like a mother can.


This turned out to be an awesome picture of me catching some air behind the boat as Josh, Jonah, and Noah had a leisurely Cruise. I need to blow this up and put it on my wall to remind myself that 37 years old isn't as old as we think.

So fun to see Noah's face. Too bad they never have any fun.

We found Noah and Jonah in one of the closets watching a movie. We couldn't find them anywhere until we heard noises coming from the closed closet. At least they were taking care of themselves.

The first day, I felt like we had two year old's again. Jonah and Noah came out from their rooms and they had put "chicken pox" all over their body. They had a red pen and the put dots all over each other. Thank goodness we were on vacation, because all though we were not happy, what could we do? We tried to wipe them off, but then just left them. Not sure why we they had to revert back 4 years in their development.

Kids have been helpful with getting anything ready that has anything to do with the boat or the water.

Fun to see the kids getting along so well. I guess we need to move up here and just play all year for the kids never to fight. Sounds like a good plan to me.

Jacob was back in his room doing "surgery" on one of his stuffed animals but he accidentally cut it with scissors (again something a small child would do) so Papa had to do surgery himself and fix the stuffed animal. Always something going on around here. Jacob did have gloves and a mask, but we didn't need it this time. All that was needed was a needle and thread to get the job done. We are having a great time and we realize this because we can't ever remember what day it is or what the date it. True vacation rhythm.

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