Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sun is back in full force

We spent all day long out in the boat and on the jet skiis. We had a great time letting the kids drive the boat and they all got a lot of intertube time in right up until dinner. Noah seems to be the craziest in driving the boat and wanting to go even faster on the intertube and jet ski.

We did take a distraction and went on a hike. I'm sure we scared all of the bears and other animals away with our family coming down the trail. We gave the kids a chance to take some pictures and they had fun with this. Noah did end up falling 2-3 times and was carried out of the hike by mom and dad at different times.

We decided to head over to another resort today, Elkins, because they have a sandy beach and play area, expecially a place to get ice cream. It's a nice place that also serves huckleberry daquiries

It was hilarious to watch people try to throw trash away trying to get into the garbage can. They really are hard to get in to

Fun to dig and make sand castles like always. We brought good shovels this year so we got to make all sorts of tunnels.

Jonah having some alone time doing some thai chi and relflection.

Noah took this picture of us in the woods. I'm sure that's where I got my aunt bites waiting for him to snap the picture. It's all part of the experience.

Noah is the crazy driver

The boys get so impatient waiting for all the adults to get ready to take them out in the boat. We do take a long time.

Hot tubbing with the cousins at the end of a hard day. Thomas thinks it is great to have cousins around to watch and play with. Being with the boys.

Obviously the day was hard on me to. I did get a good nap in at 7 p.m. while I was "watching" the kids

Jacob got some alone time with Papa skipping rocks and having deep conversation.

At night we play games if we can keep our eyes open. We played Settlers of catan.

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