Saturday, August 11, 2007

Swimming and Wild Waves

The kids got back into swimming lessons this week and they have loved it. They are also doing really well. We notice that when they have swimming lessons everyday in the summer, they improve so much faster. Rebecca loves it because then every morning, they have an outlet to blow off steam. She says afterwards, they are tired and subdued. On Thursday of this week, their Aunt Sarah took them to Wild Waves.
I think that the kids are never going to want to go back to school this fall. Their summer has been packed full of water parks, swimming, and vacations. I think we have created a monster here. They had a great time with Sarah. I have to say that they sure have been sleeping well over the summer. They couldn't stop talking about all of the fun they had with Sarah. On a day where we don't have anything planned, they look at us like we are depriving them. Deprivation is good for the soul though.

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