Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Picking Blackberries, a tradition

It has been a tradition in the LeRoy house since I can remember to go blackberry picking in August. I remember waiting for my dad to get home from work and finishing dinner before we all got dressed in our jeans, grabbed our buckets, and headed out into the sticker bushes. We were always hard core with picking. We would always compete with each other to see how much each one of us could pick. We would come home, soak the berries in water, put them on cookie trays, and freeze them. We always had buckets of berries by the end of August. There was also one or two of us who would come home with the story of falling in the sticker bushes. Such fun. Today, we did more of a meandering berry picking excursion. It is harder with younger kids because they don't have the stamina that they will have when they are older. We picked enough to made blackberry cobbler and the kids loved it. I now need to go out and do some picking on my own with my ipod on.

Happy blackberry picking........

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Kendra Field-Bennett said...

Funny...we just took our boys out picking last week and they can't wait to go again. Levi and Carlos picked a cup or two and Trey was strictly an eater. We made freezer jam, which the boys want daily! FUN TIMES!