Friday, May 21, 2010

Three strikes and your out!

Now it's not too often that I just blog without pictures and discussion about what fun things we have done that week. This week, I'm just sharing what stupid things I have done. It started out Monday night when I had to take the garbage and recycling down to the curb. The recycling bin was once again, too full. So, I did what I always do. I get step ladder and climb into the bin and jump up and down, making more room for the pile of recycling waiting to be shoved in. This time, I got a little too extreme, and the back wheels gave way and the whole thing came tumbling over with me inside. I went flying and fell on the stairs. I scraped my hand, fell on my arm, and hurt my foot. I had originally thought I had broken my foot it hurt so bad. The best part is that right afterwards, Noah came out with more recycling and walked over my tired body lying on the stairs. Once he stepped over me he said, "What are you doing lying on the stairs dad?" I told him I fell out of the recycling bin and he then said, "What were you doing in the recycling bin? That's dangerous." Thank you Noah. He did help me up and helped me clean up all the recycling all over the floor. Like the good (stupid) husband I am, I still rolled both garbage and recycling down to the curb before I cam back inside and promptly iced my foot with a three pill advil push. That was only Tuesday.

I woke up ten minutes late and hobbled to the bathroom on Wednesday, took my shower, popped more advil and made my way to Starbuck's for some good brew. While sitting in line stationary, not on my cell phone or any other electrical device, all of the sudden, a car back into the passenger doors of my car. So, a coffee run has now turned into exchanging information and hearing a story about how she doesn't want this to go on her insurance. I think to myself, "I better slow down today, this isn't starting out well." An hour into work, as I am running around doing too many things, I begin to get multiple text messages about patients who need me to call, but they aren't my patients. I come to find out that this is the one day of the month where it is my turn to be the "social worker on-call". Once a month, we rotate and cover other social workers who are sick or off on vacation. It makes the day crazy, and you are supposed to plan your day very lightly in order to deal with the crisis at hand. I hadn't done that. In fact, I had a fully packed day. Strike two! By the time I got home that night, I noticed that my eye was hurting a bit and a little red. As the night progressed, it was clear that I would have my first ever in grown eye lash forming a large, red, protruding, bump, that is quite uncomfortable I might add. Strike three, I'm out.

Thursday was spent working and trying to get quotes from auto body shops on how much this is going to cost to get my car fixed. The only redeeming quality about the day is that I am taking the kids to Lake Chelan to meet my parents for the weekend. Oh, I forgot, our dog Lego, hasn't been eating the last three days and is pretty lethargic, so Rebecca gets to take him to the vet on Friday morning. She had to stay home this weekend because she has three classes. I know she would rather be here, but work calls. Anyway, I am hoping that the end of the week proves to be much better than the beginning of the week. Three strikes and your out! Have a good Friday.


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