Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mother's Day-What a beautiful day

On the ferry to Seattle

Jonah got a lesson in how to train a seeing eye dog. He loved this.

wrong way Noah

Noah made this for Rebecca from school and she wore it all day long for him.

We saw this "Rubiks cube guy" last year and Jacob couldn't stop talking about him. We saw him again and this time we bought the CD and Jacob got a picture. He is the man who can complete a Rubik's cube in 17 seconds. Jacob is always mesmerized.

Jonah got a chance to be involved with card tricks. He loved it and now wants to be a magician

Always a great time to look at the smelly fish. they love it when the guys throw them around.

We did have time before church to get up and make breakfast for Rebecca. Each child got to carry in some sort of the breakfast. Jonah wanted to carry the coffee since he thought he was the most responsible. So, we brought in Rebecca some breakfast and gave her the present she had once asked for....her very own automatic screwdriver that no one else can use.
We went on a hike in the grand forest of Bainbridge the weekend before with my parents and had a great time. We brought Lego and Andy with us and they did great.

Jacob wants to be a surgeon when he grows up so he often dresses up and does surgery on stuffed animals. This is what his surgeon outfit consists of. Who knows why the Santa hat is a fixture, but sometimes we never know. By the way, he also wants to be a engineer.

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