Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jonah's 9th Birthday Party

Jonah's birthday is this coming Monday, and as any good parent knows, it's mean to make a kid wait until the weekend after the birthday for a party, so we threw it this weekend. His request? A sleepover (cue dreadful music). We agreed to 4 friends. One could not come because of baseball, and one came for the party but not the sleepover (also because of baseball), so we had 3 for the party and 2 for the night, which worked out perfectly. This is them eating their dinner on the trampoline. Jonah's choice was meatball subs.

Jonah's best friend, Sam, with Sam's gift: A gift certificate to the local mini-golf place cleverly disguised as a rock, wrapped in a box!

Here's Jonah, Sam, and Evans--The 3 sleepover hooligans.
And, this is what we ended up with this morning. What you see here is Jonah, Evans, and 5 extra kids from the neighborhood. Not pictured is Sam, who was reading in the back yard quietly, and another extra neighbor boy. That's 6 extra kids all before 10 AM. We're not exactly sure how it happened, but apparently our house is the place to be.

All in all, it was a great birthday party. Jonah had a fantastic time, and it was just what he wanted. Go to sleep time: 12:45, Wake-up time: 6:05. Oh, to be a kid again...Happy almost birthday, big guy!

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