Tuesday, January 16, 2007

SNOW.....friend or foe?

It seems like every time it snows, it is beautiful, but there are problems as well. Just five days ago, Rebecca went out in the car with all the kids and she got stuck in the snow. She ended up walking home with all the kids in 20 degree weather. Actually, she ended up carrying most of the kids at different times as they tire easily. Once the car had been freed from the snow, it slid down our driveway into the street while our family enjoyed a nice, quiet, dinner. O.K., the nice quiet part is stretching it, but it would have been nice if I hadn't found the car in the street half way through the meal. So, one may think that those two experiences would be enough for the year. But no.

This morning I woke at 5:30 like many other people looking out the window and watching the television to see what the commute will be like and how you may need to juggle your schedule. I decided once looking out the window, that I would "work from home" and leave around 10:00. The kids got up and were cheering for another day home in the snow while Rebecca moaned and began making her coffee. Around 7:00, a man came to our door. Over his shoulder, I saw his Honda Accord "parked" right behind our Honda. He said, "I was coming around the corner, lost control, slid over the rock wall and now the rock is lodged under my car. The same rock that was caught under our car five days earlier. I set my coffee down, put my coat on, and silently let out a sigh that seemed to last the entire walk down to the car. After using a jack, and multiple other objects from both his car and my garage, we got him free, put the rock back in the same spot, and exchanged information. With a "Have a great rest of y our day", he was on his way down the street. I came back inside, picked up my now cold coffee, and started my work from home. Because I thought that my odds of getting in an accident had decreased exponentially, I decided to make the drive to Gig Harbor to work the rest of the day. There were no other major car events that involved me, but I did pass the fifteen other cars who were hugging trees and bushes a long the way.

My hope now is that the snow is over for at least a week so that we can get back to the dull drums of a normal schedule. The kids laughed tonight when I told them that mommy was going to drop all of them of at school tomorrow even if school was canceled. They all thought this was funny, but when I glanced at Rebecca, she seemed to have a familiar smirk on her face that was concerning. All I can say is that this winter has given us all more stories that winters past. Hang on to them and tell whomever will listen.

Have a great day on the ice tomorrow and may your commute be safe.


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