Monday, August 17, 2009

Sports, sports, and more sports

The rest of the week was filled with tennis, swimming, kickball games, riding bikes, and everything elese in between that we could shove in during a 20 hour day. There was a lot to do and the kids just had a blast. Here is a picture of my parents on the last day.

Dana playing tennis with his dad

Later that night, Dana's was turned into a doll of sorts while Abby did his hair. I don't think he cared much because he was checking his facebook account and didn't even know what was going on.

The other activity that was shoved in between everything else was the hot tub anytime the kids were home and wanted something to do. It was only at night that the adults could go in without getting splashed.

Jonah wanted to learn to play tennis, so Rebecca and him went one day and she worked with him. He did say that it was much harder than playing the Wii. We then took back all the other kids and ran all over the court after balls.

Jacob event took a shot at tennis and had a great time. My parents bought all the grandchildren-boys these shirts and the girls a different one. It helped us keep track of them at large events.

At night, each family was in charge of making one meal and then we would all sit wherever we wanted, inside or out, and eat and hang out with whomever we wanted. It was nice to be able to talk with different people we hadn't gotten a chance to connect with. Scott having a heart to heart with Jonah and Noah.

Noah and Nolan, again, the ones to watch because they are always very stealth-like. They are also running around the house asking everyone where the other is. The house we stayed in came with 8-10 mountain bikes and there were trails everywhere. One day, Mike, Scott, my dad, and I went on a long bike ride to one of the falls, which turned out to be beautiful. We definitely fit in out exercise for the week.

Jonah and Eli, sitting on the log near the house. Sunriver seemed like a very safe place for the kids and there really was a lot of different things to do.

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