Saturday, March 01, 2008

Another one bites the dust!

Just when you think it can't continue to get worse, it does. We went to bed last night and Jacob was feeling better from the day. We made it almost through the whole night when Jonah came into our room at 4;55 am stating that he had thrown up in his bed. Now there are a couple ways to look at this situation. You can be exhausted by the whole situation in the middle of the night, or be thankful that he didn't throw up all over the carpet. I chose to be thankful in the moment. I jumped out of bed and we told him to run to the bathroom. Rebecca sat with him in the bathroom while I stripped the bed and started the laundry. We got Jonah situated in our bed with Rebecca with a bowl and a towel within arms reach. I went and slept on the couch the rest of the night so as not to wake up Noah. So now the weekend has been set once again. We are home bound again, for the third weekend in a row. The upside is that we are getting a lot done around the house. Rebecca is off to work today, so the boys and I hanging out getting chores done. I swear that we should have bought stock in Gatorade because we have consumed enough in the past three weeks. Anyway, Jonah is feeling better, eating crackers, drinking Gatorade, and lying in our bed. The prayer is that Noah doesn't follow suit at this point. Have a great Saturday ya'll.

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Kendra Field-Bennett said...

Ouch, this is getting painful to read...can't even imagine living this nightmare!
This too shall pass, hopefully soon.

Hannah Snelling said...

I just love how many pictures there are of your boys in your bed on this blog! Glad to hear they are feeling better