Friday, February 29, 2008

There must be something in our H2O!!!!!

Is there something in the water, I ask? Is anyone else experiencing this phenomenon?I was trying to be so good, blogging the weeks events on my day off when we get another dreaded call from school stating, "Your son, Jacob, threw up during lunch." Oh the sweet sound of that phrase. We thought we were out of the woods with this whole sickness. We were planning on taking the kids to Parents night out at Noah's preschool tonight. His preschool puts on a fundraiser for the youth where they come up with dates where you can drop your kids off for 4 hours on certain Friday's. All of the money goes to the youth program for camps etc. The few times we have been able to take advantage of this the past month, we have really enjoyed it. It has turned into date night for us. Boy these sicknesses really get in the way of our plans. We haven't been able to make it to church the last three weekends due to 1-2 sick kids. The scary thing is that anytime the kids have gotten sick, they know the drill. Go back and lay in mom and dad's bed, sip on water, and eat some crackers. Jacob looks almost happy with himself. Being paranoid, I my think that all of the children of the world and trying to drive their parents crazy as they organize a "sick out" nationwide. Thank God I am not paranoid.
So now that plans have changed from a nice dinner out with coffee and conversation to end the evening, renting movies and hanging out at home. I guess it could be worse. I say to you again,"maybe there is something in the water?" Hope all is well with you and your family. Until we meet again, over and out.

The infirmary

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