Friday, March 14, 2008

Jacob's second grade play 2008

Jacob had his second grade play last night which lasted a whole half hour. It was about the life of a nut, which grows into a seed, then a tree etc. Jacob was a squirrel who had an actual line. He said he was so nervous to speak into the microphone, but he did great. It is always fun to watch them in front of a crowd. Jacob had his fan section consisting of his grandma karen, Marna and Pappa, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Josh, his parents, and his brothers. It was fun to watch him.

There were times when it was a bit chaotic up in the front, but they all knew where they were going and what they were supposed to do. I can't imagine getting that many second graders organized in one spot, but they did great.

This was a picture of all of the squirrels doing their dance. It was chaotic bliss. They all seemed to have so much fun. Afterwards they had dessert, which all of the kids thought was the best. Rebecca brought her award winning brownies with peanut butter frosting-obviously something for the adults to stay away from. I didn't even try one for fear that I would like them too much. Jacob slept like a log last night from his three performances this week. Tonight we are off to dinner for my birthday and Mark's in Seattle. Until then. Robb

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