Friday, February 29, 2008

Jonah's 1st Grade reading debut

Every year, Brownsville Elementary has a first grade reading debut. All of the kids pick a book and practice reading leading up to the debut. The goal is to celebrate reading and show how the kids have been working so hard. So 8 of the kids in Jonah's reading class had theirs last Tuesday night. He had a large amount of family there cheering and encouraging him on. It was great to see him get up in front of the small crowd and read a book to us that he was excited about. prior to the debut, they aren't supposed to tell their family what they are reading. They don't want them practicing at home, so they do it all at school. They want the book to be a surprise.

The other great part of this experience is that Jonah's grandmother, or "Marna", as the kids call her, is the librarian who helps put this on. They have pictures of all the pages in the book, up on a screen so all of us can see them. As you can see, they have a microphone, which makes the whole experience that much more intense. Jonah did a great job and we were all so proud of him, especially with his reading. He really enjoys reading now. After everyone gets done reading, they all get a balloon and a rose, donated from flowers to go, and then we have a dessert social. We had a great time watching Jonah and all of his friends. They also take a picture of the whole family afterwards and give that to us showing all of the people who support Jonah in his reading and education


Jonah was very proud of the job he did. It is great to watch his confidence grow. Truth be told, one of his favorite parts was eating the treats afterwards. All of the kids liked that. Noah is the next in line for his reading debut, but he still has a little time to prepare.

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tintletown said...

You have such darling boys! I've added you as a link, love all the pics.