Monday, October 29, 2007

San in the smoke?

I headed down south to San Diego on Sunday, October 21st to spend a couple days with my cousin. While we were coming into land at the airport, I saw a ton of smoke and actual houses that were on fire. It was odd and strange. It wasn't until we landed that we saw the whole city covered in thick smoke. My cousin, who picked me up, hadn't realized it was that bad until she drove into the city. throughout the next couple days, the fires got worse, schools were canceled, and they were encouraging everyone to stay indoors to stay out of the smoke. They weren't just worried about the smoke from burning trees, but the smoke from burning chemicals from the houses. Many of Mindy's friends had to evacuate their homes, and we did occasionally keep up with the bulletins to see if she had to evacuate. Thankfully,she didn't have to. We still had a great time regardless of all of the chaos. Many people were sent home from work, so the freeways were empty, which is always an odd sight in California. The sunset below wasn't actually a sunset, as it was only 3 p.m. It was all of the smoke that gave off this incredible glow. More of the same. This was looking off int he opposite direction of the fires, yet you can still see the smoke

Smog or smoke? Now San Diego can look like this on a good day, but the smoke hung in the valleys, with no wind to blow it away.

We did got out to Coronado, away from the fires, and rented a tandem bike. We had a great time. I was in control in the front, which probably wasn't a good idea, but Mindy didn't want to guide us into a ditch. I tried to answer my cell phone while steering the bike, and didn't go over well.
We did have a chance to go out for authentic Mexican food, which was great. Have to have a margarita with good Mexican food.
We had a great time. Mindy let me have the run of the place and it was true relaxation. She was a great hostess. I really appreciated a place to crash for those couple days. I did get out on Wednesday without any problems. Some flights were canceled, but not mine.

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