Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pumpkin Patch with the pre-schoolers

Rebecca and I were able to go with Noah and his pre-school class today to the pumpkin farm. The rain broke for the hour, which we all appreciated. It is great to watch Noah around his teacher and friends. He is such a big helper and loves to be right in there, involved. The walked all the kids around and looked at the animals and fed all of them. Goats, Llamas, ducks, chickens, and a dog. Then they got to walk the corn maze and pick out a pumpkin at the end. The kids walked all over the place while all of the parents followed along. We had a great time. Noah with his friends looking at the Llamas. When there ears go back, that means they are getting ready to spit. With 20 pre-schoolers around, their ears were back quite a bit. We of course, saw the ducks and chickens. The main thing that the kids took away from that experience was that animals sure do smell.
What a sight to see. No one got lost in the maze--all were accounted for. Noah wanted to lead the line today, so he was in heaven.

Noah pre-school class with their teacher, Mrs. Chris.

Noah is always happiest with a pumpkin and with his mom.

They were all so busy picking out pumpkins. Noah must have picked 10 different ones before he decided on the one he wanted. He kept putting them down because they were dirty. We had to explain again that pumpkins actually grow in the dirt.

He had a great day and a super nap once he got home.
Have a great Halloween!!!!!!!!!!


The Cisneros Family said...

Burrr, it looks cold there. Today we went to a pumpkin patch wearing shorts- isn't that weird? Ya'll just got your dose of nice weather in Maui though.

Amanda said...

Aww Noah is so adorable.....