Monday, October 29, 2007

Octoberfest in Spokane, cousins, and crisp sun

We headed off for Spokane on Thursday for our annual weekend in Spokane. We love heading up to Green bluff which is an area where there are a lot of farms, pumpkins, apples, and fun for the kids. It also happened to be our nieces 13th birthday, which the kids thought was great. We first headed over to Idaho and spent time with friends from college, and the kids had a fun time playing with kids their own age after the 6 hour drive. We spent the rest of the weekend with my brother and sister in law, who live right near Whitworth University. These are some pictures of Green Bluff, Hannah's 13th Birthday, and walks around Whitworth. We had a great time. The weather was bright, sunny, and cold--Fall. Our kids aren't used to the sun, so most pictures are of Noah, closing his eyes. He asked why the sun is brighter in Spokane. That is a good question.

Wow, all three boys standing in one place at one time.
This is Jonah taking a break from all of the running and playing at the hay maze. There were hardly anyone there since it was Friday. We had the whole place to ourselves. The even had the pumpkin cannon that was operational.
I caught one for a picture. We had a great time watching them run around, weaving in and out of the maze.
Hannah had a great time opening gifts and having dinner with the whole family. The kids get so excited for her and wanted to buy party hats for her with soccer balls on them. Hannah is very good at sports and Jonah really looks up to her. She is great with our kids.
She was a good sport, putting on the party hats. We had a family dinner, followed by presents and cake. What's not to enjoy about an evening with the family.

We all took a walk to Whitworth , which is down the road. Mike got the privilege of herding the flock down the street.
While the adults were watching a Whitworth soccer game, all the kids were running around the grass and playing in water pipe. They could have stayed there all day long.
We walked around campus and Mike showed us some of the new buildings they are working on. The kids used this time to throw leaves a each other. Astrid and Noah had a great time playing int he leaves.

No comments from the peanut gallery. This is our tour guide and his wife, Andrea...or should that be the other way around. It is always very beautiful on campus in the fall, before the snow begins to come. We showed the kids where mom and dad lived while we were in college, where we ate meals, and where we studied for hours in the library (believable, huh?)
Astrid was good enough to take on some extra baggage on the way home since little legs don't carry you very far. All of their cousins are so loving and helpful. They love having older cousins to play with. Astrid usually watches out for Noah and takes care of him.
We had a great weekend of birthday celebration, soccer games, and a lot of playing. We came home rested and tired. All the kids hit their pillows hard on Sunday night. Now it is back to school, making up homework from missed school on Friday. Thanks to Mike and Andrea, who were great hosts.
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