Monday, October 29, 2007

Pumpkin Carving 101

The beginning of the day began with wrapping the table with paper and making garbage bag shirts for the kids. They thought it was great being able to dress up in garbage bags. The kids each wanted their own knife to carve, and of course we let all of them run around the house with knives. No way. They got to draw on the pumpkins and scoop out the innards, which kept them very busy. Rebecca and I then went around and carved for them. Jacob had very specific ideas of what he wanted carved out. He always knows what he wants and how he wants us to create it for him.
Jonah thought the best part of the pumpkin was the innards. He loved squeezing it through his fingers. We also cleaned off all of the seeds and we baked them in the oven. Jonah loved this part. Noah thought the pumpkin seeds were yucky.
Rebecca was very focused on carving the pumpkin just right. Jacob let her know when she was "doing it wrong".

Jacob hard at work cleaning out the inside of his pumpkin. He thought the seeds were fun to squeeze through his fingers, shooting off, hitting the wall.
Jonah got the fun idea of putting marshmallows on toothpicks and sticking them in the pumpkin for hair. He thinks he is going to eat them once Halloween is over, but little does he know, that isn't going to happen.
Noah worked very diligently on poking the marshmallows so that he could shove them in his mouth.
We had a great time helping the kids carve their pumpkins. We put on music and ordered pizza. Kids had a great time and thought it would be a good idea to carve pumpkins every night. Clean-up was a whole other issue, with the dog helping out quite a bit.
Happy Halloween

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