Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snow in November? Sure why not

What a week of great weather. I love it when the weather throws us curve ball. No one knows what to do with this. We had snow on Sunday night and the kids didn't have school all day Monday. The first day was great and then the temperature started dropping to the point where you couldn't make a snowman because everything was rock hard. The first day, the kids were out making a snowman and shoving it down one another's shirts. It was great fun. Tuesday was a late start , but Wednesday and Thursday turned into more days off. All though the kids have had a great time, we are all ready for them to go back to school for one day this week. Snow is beautiful and great to watch from inside the house while holding a cup of coffee. You always envision sitting somewhere in a cabin watching the snow out a large window. We can handle the snow when we are on vacation up in the mountains and we have nowhere to go. When we have work, school, swimming lessons, and events, it can become pretty inconvenient quickly. The snow is melted now and we are getting back into our routines. A week from now, we will secretly hope for another little snow storm.....or at least I will. Have a great Friday.

lego had a great time running around in the snow, trying his hardest to bite and kill the snow. No such luck. The look of confusion is priceless.


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Glad to see your blog, how fun!