Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Darth Vador stomps Yoda

We made it through Halloween with all the parties for the kids and the non-stop flow of sugar that poured down from heaven. The kids had a great time with their parties and costumes at school. I will have to put up a picture of the three of them when I find the camera. You know the drill. You sit down to dinner to try and get the kids fed prior to running out the door. While you are trying to eat dinner, the doorbell continues to ring, and even though you tell the kids to sit down, they can't help themselves. Maybe it is the sugar pushing them off the chair towards the door or just the excitement of seeing all the costumes. Once dinner was shoveled down in record time, the costumes are prepared. Darth Vador (Jacob) is dressed first and Yoda (Noah) is the one who needs the most help. Once all assembled and the pictures are taken, Darth Vador stomps on Yoda's foot in all of the excitement. Yoda is crying with big tears which takes consoling from his mother while Darth Vador leans down to see if Yoda is alright. At the same time, the storm trooper (Jonah) doesn't see a need to check on Yoda and is half way out the door. "Every man for himself", he yells. The rest of the night consisted of picking up the kids at different times as they all fell while running up to the door. All in all, there were no broken bones, just a bunch of star wars figures getting as much candy as they could. At the end of the night, Darth Vador ate too many Hershey bars, the storm trooper stuck to the suckers, and Yoda couldn't;t make up his mind not eating anything--self control. All the costumes were thrown to the floor, the kids went to bed and then Reba and I had to take our share before putting the candy up out of reach. Like always every year, a week after Halloween, our kids haven't even asked about their candy. It goes in a bag and the bag from last year is thrown away. Another year.

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Hannah Snelling said...

I can just see Joey running out the door with his brother crying behind him! Hilarious! Can't wait for the pics!