Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving is over, put up the tree!

We have made it a tradition in the last couple years to get our tree the day after Thanksgiving and try to decorate it during the weekend some time. It only took 10 minutes this year to pick out our tree which could have been due to the pouring rain or that we are just getting better at picking.

Amazing that the three of them were in such close proximity without fighting or knocking the tree over.

Jacob stuffed the top of his hat so that it would stick up. So funny

A quiet, peaceful moment for Jonah as he becomes one with the tree,

Kids did a great job. Only had to re-arrange about half of the ornaments because 3/4 of them were all on the top half of the tree. The Holiday begins. Have a great Christmas Season.

Merry Christmas,

The LeRoy's

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