Saturday, November 27, 2010

God gives us opportunities to serve!

It's been an interesting week and I thought I would share some of it and how it has impacted my world view. The past week, we received an anonymous financial gift in the mail specifically for Jacob's medications. It's part of our normal monthly obligation for medications and really do help Jacob, so it's what we do. We felt truly blessed by this gesture and humbled. Today, I was in the car with Jacob and I decided to explain what had transpired this week with the gift. I told him that someone felt led by God to send us this money to pay for your medications for the month. I explained how this person really felt like God gave them a specific amount to use for Jacob's needs. He said, "They must have a lot of money then if they are able to send it to us." I explained that it's not always the case, especially in this instance. Many people send or give money to the church that may be a big step in faith to do so. We both thought about this for awhile and then I told him that God asks us all to keep our head up looking for ways to help others, even if we feel like we don't have a lot to offer. We also talked about how God doesn't always just use your money, but other gifts that people have that can be helpful. Right at that moment, we were in the left hand turn lane in a busy intersection, and some one's car had broken down. I looked at Jacob and said, God is giving me an opportunity to help." I got out of the car, asked if I could help and they were desperate. Cars were driving by and looking but no one was helping. I went around to other car windows and let them know that we needed them to wait at the next light so we could get the car out of traffic. Everyone was willing to wait, but didn't offer to help. We got the car pushed into a park and ride and another person stopped and offered to help look at their car. I was able to push the car off, but am not great under the hood. I hopped back in the car and looked at Jacob and said, "Wow, God gave us an immediate opportunity to help." We then walked into a store to buy a Christmas gift for Jacob's cousin and someone dressed in Harley Davidson clothes with a long beard, handed us a sheet of paper that said, "We are collecting toys today for children at Harrison hospital." Jacob looked at me this time and said, "Dad, we have another chance to help someone." I thought, your right! We got his cousins gift and Jacob picked out another toy for a child and gave it to the people outside. Jacob was really getting into this and it did completely brightened our day. As we drove out of the parking lot, there was a man standing there holding a sign like we see all over now days. Jacob said, "Do you think we could go and buy him something warm to eat and some hot chocolate?" He then looked at me and said, "Dad, it's another opportunity to help." He was right. So, we drove though and got him a hot meal and hot chocolate and brought it to him. He was so excited about the hot chocolate due to the cold weather and was extremely thankful for the lunch.

I wanted to share this story because I woke up this morning feeling humbled and a little overwhelmed by Christmas, worried about not having enough money to buy certain things for people in our family. I wasn't focused on what we have been blessed with but was focusing on what we didn't have. God showed me today that we have a lot to offer other people. When things look down, there is always someone else out there that is struggling even harder than you. It doesn't take a fat bank account to help, but God can use you and the gifts we each have to help one another. All of this happened today within an hour and it changed my whole outlook on this month. Jacob and I were able to experience mini-gifts or miracles today, which was a huge blessing. I didn't write this to show everyone what great things Jacob and I did today but rather to show what God can do in people's lives using each one of us. My hope would be that the people we helped can pay it forward and reach many other people. Happy Holidays!!


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