Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Got together with my side of the family on Thursday and then Rebecca's family on Friday. It was great to see everyone and have the time to talk with one another.

Jacob had asked if Dana could bring his saxophone over so he could do a duet with his clarinet. Jacob had a great time playing with Dana. Jacob eventually wants to move onto the saxophone but he has to take a year of clarinet first.

Sophia, the monkey queen just loves to play with her older cousins. Astrid didn't seem to mind either.

A little side game going on. I'm sure if you look closely they are probably playing poker.

Stacy and Jonah talking about the stock market and what it's been like the last year.

"Welcome to our home."

Mike got some lazy time with Sophia as they watched the Polar Express.

Need I say more?

Rebecca hates pictures when I take them like this of her.

Gettin' read for dinner

The infamous kids table. We've all been there before. Happy Thanksgiving.

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