Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Noah's Pirate Birthday Party!!!

Even though Noah's birthday was on August 1st, he didn't have his birthday party with friends until today. He wanted a Pirate theme, so Rebecca got to work in her spare time. Rebecca constantly amazes me how she can put these things together. After a light day yesterday of watching her niece and nephew and spray painting furniture in the garage, she came in and made a pirate cake. I promise, she is human. It tires me out just watching.

Rebecca and her mom made the vests the other day and she picked up the eye patches etc somewhere else. It turned out to be a nice, sunny afternoon, which made it great for the kids to play outside. Jonah was also a big help in setting things up and hiding treasure. Noah had a great time.

Here is Elijah in the full garb.

Of course, the trampoline always provides good entertainment for the boys. You only have to plan about two games the the kids use the trampoline to expel the rest of their energy.

Noah was dying to have some of his friends over from school. Yes, he needs a haircut, but this just makes the picture look all the better.

Here is the crew. They look like a scary bunch.

organized chaos on the lawn where they were playing games. Trying to pop each other's balloons. Thank goodness for a large lawn.

The picture I think of for Noah this summer is wearing this tee-shirt, shorts, and with no shoes on. He is in heaven here. School will be a tough transition.

Noah and Marcus--he is so excited that Marcus is going to school at Brownsville this year.

Elijah who found the most treasure and won the balloon popping game.

Noah's best bud and cousin, Nolan. Pirates is a good disguise for them.

The cousins. Sophia fits right in.

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