Saturday, August 21, 2010

The angry Barber in Lake Chelan

So we got to Lake Chelan on Monday morning and played in the water all day. Tuesday, we decided we had to get the kids' haircuts. We went to a barber in town and this is the first thing we noticed, the shop rules. Just by reading this, it sounds like someone doesn't love their job. Then, once we got to meet and talk to the lady, she was a peach herself, which I'm sure was the one who wrote the rules (that had three spelling mistakes, as Rebecca added). She was true to her mood through all three kids.

People would come in and she would say, "Well, there is a line in front of you and I'm taking my lunch at 1:00, so I just don't know if I can fit you in." Mind you that it was 9:30 and we were done by 10:30 with all three kids.

Kids didn't want to get there haircuts, so that's why we have enthusiastic pictures of the before.

Jonah never tries to hide his true feelings.

Noah followed suit on the sullen face since Jonah was. Noah needed it the worst, but we thought knock them all out at once.

This was the after picture. Jacob said she took too much off the top, Noah said she cut too much hair from behind and Jonah said he didn't care. Glad we got that out of the way on vacation. Anyway, the rest of the day we played in the sun and water all day long and they didn't even notice their hair. That is the great thing about boys, once it's over, it's over! But they will always remember the bitter, angry, haircut lady.

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