Saturday, October 24, 2009

Noah's Field trip to the pumpkin patch

Noah was so excited to go on his first official field trip for Kindergarten. They went to a pumpkin patch on Bainbridge Island and then went to the children's museum. Noah's has a really good friend, Tommy. Rebecca had the privilege of going with all the chitlins. It rained off and on, but it is October in the Northwest.

Noah looks so intense. He is either bored or really interested in the lady talking about all the different kinds of gourds.

Noah has a loose tooth on the bottom and we have told him that he isn't allowed to lose it because then it means he is growing up. We can't handle that. It will be any day now.

Class picture at the pumpkin farm. They had a good time then went on to the children's museum. They ended up going back to school to have a "picnic" in the their classroom since eating at the park would have been miserable. He had a fun day because he got to stay the whole day and ride the bus home with his brothers.

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