Thursday, April 17, 2008

The LeRoy men are bowling on Sunday

Rebecca ended up having a pampered chef party on Sunday after church which meant that the boys and I were looking for something to do. Now even though the day before was in the seventies, that day it was raining. So, off to the bowling alley we go. We had to try out the whole bowling experience which consists of: The smelly bowling shoes, the sticky bowling balls, ordering french fries and getting a pitcher of root beer. other than that, it was all we needed. Noah was in the lead most of the time, which didn't say a lot for my dad and I. Jonah became very competitive because he thought he should be beating Noah since he is younger.

This was a picture taken prior to the time when Jonah realized Noah was beating him. Once he found out, he kept his distance from him and no longer wanted to help him.
"An empty pitcher of root beer and good friends"

We figured out that all of us were helping Noah, distracting ourselves from our own game. Noah is pretty sneaky.

Jacob had great form. Thank goodness they all had the bumpers up for bowling. Even though they had the extra help, Noah bounced his ball over the rail and got it wedged. The pregnant attendant had to walk out on the floor and retrieve the ball. It was very fitting.
All of the kids picked out bright colored balls just in case we would lose sight of them. They were worried that the balls weren't going to come back through the tube. I assured them that they would

This is one of those pictures you get of one brother helping another with no strings attached. You have to get that on film. A second later, I am sure Jonah threw Noah down the bowling lane, hitting a strike...too bad I didn't get that on film. They had a good time and ate their weight in fries. Oh the life we live.
professional bowler we are.

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