Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gardening with the boys

We had another great day on Saturday with warm weather. We desperately needed to get out and weed the flower beds and work in the yard. The kids wanted to help, so we all joined in. Many hands make light work or many hands in a small area can breed chaos. The kids were a lot of help, but they were able to get somewhat distracted and play around too. It was nice to be outside, enjoying the weather.

We do have some more plants to add, but right now, we are just trying to get this place weeded before we add more to it.

Wondering why Jonah is weeding with his bike helmet on? They way Jonah help out is a bit of work, a bit of play. So in the midst of riding his bike, he would swing by and pick some weeds. Hey, we will take the help any way we can get it.

Hope you all enjoyed the day.

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