Sunday, April 13, 2008

Construction on a grand scale--"The clubhouse"

Well, construction on the clubhouse has been stalled for months due to inclement weather and financial concerns. The three boys have secured the loan and hired Pappa Mark as the contractor. Towards the end of spring break, the floor went in with a lot of hammering, loud noises, and hurt fingers and thumbs. The crew needs a lot of work, but they have big hearts. Our L & I claims will be up I'm sure over the next couple months.

As Pappa ran the saw, the kids looked on covering their ears, much like most construction sights that you drive past each day. There were a lot of breaks, some fighting about who has more nails, and a lot of bent nails. All and all, it went exactly as planned.

They were able to take out their aggression on the wood and the nail. There was one incident where Noah pulled his small hammer back and Jacob in the glasses causing a small boy to run through the construction sight screeming bloody murder. Jacob was more concerned about his new glasses--in the end, they probably protected him from an ER visit. Noah received a fine and a mandatory class presentation on hammer safety.

A picture taken at the beginning of the work day--notice all of the kids are hugging in the picture--again, much like most work sites we see around the area right now.

The contractor had to stop for awhile and take some phone calls from people as he is securing the plumbing and electrical bids for the project--or it was just checking in with his wife. I don't think we are paying him enough for his hard work and long hours

Much of the time, all of the children were in the same place at the same time, all with hammers pounding away. A sight for sore eyes.

Jacob being very particular about where he is hammering and how it looks. He is pretty good with a hammer. the strength of an ox.

I will give you frequent updates on the clubhouse as thing progress. We hope and pray for no injuries and a lot of sharing time on the job. We do take frequent potty breaks and snack times. There are also occasions where our workers will walk off the job and wander the premises or stop to play with the animals.

Your hard working crew in Bremerton, WA

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