Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Weekend Trip

We had a lovely trip to Camano Island last weekend, and have yet to have a chance to blog about it. I had the opportunity to do a Spa Class for a group of ladies who belong to a Women's Investment Club on the Eastside. They were having an annual retreat, and thought a Spa Party would be a great diversion. We had immaculate weather for the occassion. It was sunny and about 75 degrees, so we sat out on the huge waterfront deck at the beautiful vacation home of one of the ladies.

This picture is Jacob lounging and doing one of his infamous 'projects' at the Lakehouse where we stayed. You can see the lake and ducks outside. We had lots of rest time while they boys descimated the cottage. It had a spiral staircase down the center, with 3 floors. They loved pedaling the antique sewing machine in the loft, and playing the old organ on the bottom floor.

While I had my Class, the boys went to a State Park with Robb. They played and played for hours in the sun.

Here is Jonah by the proud creation of the afternoon. They built a Crab Mansion at the beach, complete with running water (a natural freshwater waterfall flowing down to the beach). With running water provided, they didn't even have to keep running to the water's edge to fill up buckets. They all worked together, which was fun for Robb to watch.

On Sunday morning, the boys had a ball feeding our leftover cornbread to the ducks at the lake. Is cornbread safe for ducks to eat? They were disappointed that we couldn't ride in the canoe at the Lakehouse because the water level was too low. We told them maybe next time when there has been more rain. When it started to rain before we left on Sunday, they got all excited to tell us that now we can go in the canoe! It took a while to explain how much rain we would need to be able to ride...

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Kendra Field-Bennett said...

I love the picture of the three boys, we have done that with ours, too. It's been awhile, time to do it again!

Are we going to see you at Ocean Shores this weekend?