Thursday, September 20, 2007

Noah Goes To School

Noah started Preschool last week at Creative Connection. We agonized over our decision to send him to either Pre-K (Monday-Thursday), or Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Since Noah's birthday is August 1st, we decided that he will probably not go to Kindergarten next year. We will most likely wait until he is 6. But, we have not made our final decision yet.

Every day when they come into class, each child finds his name fish on the counter and sticks it to the fishbowl board. Noah wasted no time finding his N-O-A-H, and sticking it up. He's also wearing the nametag he made on the Open House day the week before school started.

Noah's best friend from his class last year is Marcus. He is the only child from their class last year who is also in Noah's class this year. They were dying to play together, so Noah ran right in and began playing with Marcus, after a short pause for enthusiastic hugs.

They love to be silly together! They also play together really well. He has already been to Marcus' house to play once after school. They totally tired each other out.

Noah absolutely loves school. He gets excited every day to go. He never worries about me leaving, he just gives me a quick "'Bye, Mom!" and he's on his way. It has been fun so far to have a couple of mornings on my own to do things I can't do with the kids, and a couple of mornings by myself with him.

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Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! It looks Marcus is a great friend for Noah. School is fun!