Wednesday, September 05, 2007

First Day of School! Big Day!

Today is our first day of school. Jacob started Second Grade with his new teacher, Mrs. Endter. Jonah is our big First Grader now. His new teacher is Mrs. Foss. They are too young still to make up funny names for their teachers, thank goodness. I've often thought that the transition from Kindergarten to First Grade is actually a bigger jump than from preschool into Kindergarten. When kids start Kindergarten, they have most likely been in preschool, and for us, that meant just adding one day, but mostly the same time schedule. But, First Grade is really the whole ball of wax. All day. Every day. So, Jonah's beginning is truly bittersweet for me. Don't get me wrong--he really, really needs this. He has been fairly bored all summer long. He is the least self-entertained of all our children. But, even so, he has been with me at least part if not full-time since birth. This is a big change. But, I know he will do well.

This morning, we had the classic first day of school. I forced the kids to eat a good breakfast. Then, I forced them to wear new clothes. Then, I forced them to pose for a FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL picture. They were compliant with most of my force. But, then I forced them to ride to school with me, not on the bus. This was for several reasons. First, we had to bring cupcakes (to be addressed in next post). Second, we brought Starbucks to Jacob's teacher (Jonah's doesn't like coffee, but we brought her a diet Coke). And, third, Mommy wanted to take them to school on the first day! I am also the PTA Secretary at their school this year, so I got to welcome all of the new Kindergarten parents and give bear cookies to the new kids. So, Noah and I stayed to help out until about 11:30.

I had to give in a little, so the next picture was of their choosing--the silly face picture. If it was up to them, this is what they would all look like. I'm not sure why I feel the need to document for all posterity, their ridiculous, stiff, phony smiles. This is what they were really doing...

Here is Jacob at his new desk. He was happily opening a gift one of his friends had brought him for his birthday. His mom called last night to ask a question, and when I mentioned that his birthday was going to be today, she wanted to make sure Ethan brought him something special for today. It was very sweet.

Robb got to meet the bus this afternoon, but just took a picture of it going by. Then, he hung back and took some more pictures as they walked home.

Jacob came home clad in his layers. When we made him take his sweatshirt off, the back of his shirt had beads of sweat coming through. He also came home without his lunchbox, which he told us without flinching that he had left it on the playground. Duh.

And, this is the after picture. Anyone want to claim that transition into First Grade is no big deal? He was so tired and hungry that he burst into tears when Noah took some of the grapes he was eating. We got him all hydrated and fed, and he was in a much better mood. He gets to sit by one of his cronies, so that was happy. Also, he says he already knew all the kids in his class. Even though there were 3 different Kindergarten classes last year, he spent time in all 3 at different times. Sometimes his teacher said that he could stay for the whole day, so he got to meet the kids in the afternoon class. And, sometimes when he stayed for the whole day, he went to the other teacher's class, so he knew the kids from that class, too. Mr. Cool...

Hot and sweaty, but happy about his class and his teacher. Jacob gets to sit next to Natalie, who is really a good soul mate for him. They get along so well all the time. She's such a sweet girl, and she gets him.

So, that's our report for the day. Noah has an open house at his school on Friday morning. He is so excited, and it was pretty hard for him today when his brothers got to go and he didn't. He didn't cry or anything, but he was really grumpy when we left school. He said that he didn't want to go shopping for a birthday gift for Jacob. He got a big ol' nap when we got home, and he is in better spirits now. On to our birthday dinner. Thanks for all your prayers for a smooth transition into school.


Amanda said...

*sigh*....elementary school makes high school seem so. hard.

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Hannah Snelling said...

That picture of Jonah looking completely wasted is Awesome!! Also, I think you need to always keep the fake smiles and silly first day pictures together! What a contrast, but the silly so captures their personalities!